Vogts judging high school journalism competition today

Today I am taking a break from being a paraeducator at U.S.D. 106’s Western Plains High School to do something very near and dear to my heart.

I am helping with judging at the Kansas Scholastic Press Association regional journalism contest at Wichita State University in Wichita.

This is a high school journalism contest, and I have done judging for it in the past, which was great fun.

I was honored to be asked back again, and this year I am looking forward to it will extra eagerness because I want to become a journalism teacher myself. I look at this as an opportunity to see what high school students do so when I get to teach it I know in what direction to point my own students.

This will also be an opportunity to see old friends from my time as a WSU student, especially the folks down at my old stomping grounds of the student newspaper, The Sunflower.

Not to mention I will get to check up on the student journalists from my old high school, Canton-Galva High School.

I have worked with those students before when they competed in the Scholastic Press Corps competition at the Kansas State Fair. They placed well, so I hope they do well in this contest too.

Don’t worry, though. I won’t be showing any favoritism toward my old high school. While judging, all the entries are coded by numbers. I have no idea with what school the numbers match to. Besides, playing favorites would be wrong and rather unsavory. I want them to win on their own merits and not have the victory cheapened by dishonesty.

Once everything is said and done, I will try to post an update on how CGHS does and follow provide coverage of them competing at the state competition.

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