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  • CM289 Freedom of Expression
    • Created by Sterling College Assistant Professor of Media Todd Vogts to accompany his CM289 Topics of Communication and Media: Freedom of Expression online course, this podcast serves as one way students can consume lectures. The course examines free expression in various settings while using the First Amendment as the lens. By unpacking the concept of free expression, students will gain a deeper understanding of their rights and how to spot and counter attempts at suppression. Impacts of digital communication on these rights will be touched on.
  • Into the Darkness
    • As part of Todd Vogts’s CM289 Topics in Communication & Media: Murders and Mysteries course, students are creating murder and mystery content of their own via a true-crime podcast. Each student is responsible for creating an episode that will be combined with episodes created by other students to develop a class-produced podcast available via all major podcasting platforms. So let’s go on a journey “Into the Darkness” and explore the murky corners of the human experience where the sun won’t rise tomorrow.
  • Strat Comm Conversations
    • A podcast about strategic communication and journalism. It is produced as part of the coursework for MC 782 Strategic Communications Management, a media course at Kansas State University that is taught by Jacob Groshek, Ph.D.

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