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The experts of Lucky Se7en have performed all over the great state of Kansas and even in Nebraska and Missouri.

They have done it all from proms, to weddings and anniversaries, to birthday parties, and to family reunions.

They’ve packed the dance floors at all the events and are experts in providing superb music services for all occasions by customizing their services to fit your exact needs.

Consultants are always available to assist you in fulfilling all your disc jockey needs.

So if you want to host an event that everyone will enjoy, book Lucky Se7en Mobile DJ Services soon before someone else does!

About Us

Lucky Se7en Mobile DJ Services spawned from the dream of Todd Ray Vogts.

While attending Canton-Galva High School, Todd took care of hiring DJs for various school dances, so when he graduated, he decided he too could provide great music for people.

Lucky Se7en Mobile DJ Services officially opened for business July 1, 2004.

With the help of Todd’s cousin, Dale Westbrook, and his younger brother, Troy Vogts, Lucky 7 quickly took off.

Within the first few months, Lucky 7 began booking gigs for various events, and by the end of the first full year, the business had jobs across the state and in Nebraska and Missouri.

DJing everything from birthday parties and corporate events to weddings and school formals, the trio of disk jockeys quickly honed their entertaining skills and learned to keep each and every party alive with excitement and fun.

Lucky 7 does more than simply play music, though.

The DJs also help make each event a memorable experience by interacting with the guests. They work tirelessly to get everyone involved in the celebration by actually getting on the dance floor and encouraging boogieing.

In addition to providing only the music patrons wish to hear, Lucky 7 also helps coordinate happenings at the event by providing announcements and other necessary harmonization tasks.

Todd, Dale and Troy love what they do, and their passion for the job shows in their quality of work.

So if you want to have the best-possible partying experience, Lucky 7 is the DJing service for you because “Getting Lucky is only part of it!”


Please contact us for availability.


Super 7 Setup (base): $450 for 1-3 hours, $100/hour for additional time – this includes a complete lighting and sound system

PA Performance: $150/hour for sound system services (does not include music or lights; only includes microphone and speakers)

Lucky 7 Chaperones: $25/hour for each DJ (must purchase either Super 7 Setup or PA Performance)

Traveling Expenses: fees vary depending upon job location . . . Generally, it consists of a flat $100 fee

*Outdoor Events: There will a $350 surcharge on top of other charges for outdoor events. This is to protect Lucky 7’s equipment from unpredictable weather in Kansas and beyond.

No charge for setting up or tearing down of equipment. No hidden fees.
Announcements for all to hear.
A professional sound system.
A large collection of music, and if Lucky 7 doesn’t have an advance-requested song, they will get it before the event.
No charge for setting up or tearing down of equipment. No hidden fees.
Unlimited customer support.

Contact Us

Todd Vogts, owner

Phone: 620-245-4551

E-mail: [email protected]