Edited Media and Journalism

As an academic and journalist, I frequently write and report for various publications. Presented below is a select collection of my publication credits.

Vogts, T. R. (2023, May 16). Use ‘Radio Garden’ to inspire programming, develop cultural awareness. JEA Digital Mediahttps://jeadigitalmedia.org/2023/05/16/use-radio-garden-to-inspire-programming-develop-cultural-awareness/

Vogts, T. R. (2023, April 4). Live365 brings student radio to life. JEA Digital Media. https://www.jeadigitalmedia.org/2023/04/04/live365-brings-student-radio-to-life/

Vogts, T.R. (2022, November 8). ‘Great Thanksgiving Listen’ provides unique interviewing opportunity, practice. JEA Digital Media. https://www.jeadigitalmedia.org/2022/11/08/great-thanksgiving-listen-provides-unique-interviewing-opportunity-practice/

Vogts, T.R. (2022, October 5). Mizzou offers teaching resources for journalism educators. JEA Digital Mediahttps://www.jeadigitalmedia.org/2022/10/05/mizzou-offers-teaching-resources-for-journalism-educators/ 

Vogts, T.R. (2022, September 27). Kansas State Fair provides inspiration for unique, hands-on learning experience. JEA Digital Mediahttps://www.jeadigitalmedia.org/2022/09/27/ks-state-fair-provides-inspiration-for-unique-hands-on-learning-experience/ 

Vogts, T.R. (2022, June 21). KQED offers free media literacy training course aimed at educators. JEA Digital Media. https://www.jeadigitalmedia.org/2022/06/21/kqed-offers-free-media-literacy-training-course-aimed-at-educators/ 

Vogts, T. R. (2022, April 29). NY Times Twitter ‘reset’ calls for curriculum review. JEA Digital Media. https://www.jeadigitalmedia.org/2022/04/29/ny-times-twitter-reset-calls-for-curriculum-review/

Monthly Newspaper Columnist

The Santa Fe Way

My work for this rural, community publication can also be read here: The Voice of the Vogts in the Santa Fe Way.