Attendance Philosophy

Higher education is preparation for the professional realm. In a job, you have a schedule that tells you when you need to be where. There is no one holding your hand and ensuring you do what you are supposed to. Higher education works the same way. You have a class schedule, and you are in charge of addressing your responsibilities. For that reason, attendance is encouraged, but, ultimately, the onus falls upon you as the student and the higher education consumer.

Attendance is critical to understanding assignment specifications and completing this course maintaining the potential to earn an “A.” Students are encouraged to attend all class sessions unless otherwise noted.

College students are adults and can make their own decisions. However, you are a member of a classroom community, and your behavior has a profound effect on the other members of this community. It is a matter of mutual respect and integrity. Engagement is key.

Keep in mind, the institution may require all faculty members to take attendance for retention and other initiatives, so your presence or absence will be noted for each class session if applicable.

To that end, weekly participation may be recorded in the “Attendance” section of the course.

Examples of participation include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • consumption of lecture materials
  • discussion board participation, not including introductory forums
  • active participation in class discussions
  • assignment submissions and completion of exercises
  • completion of quizzes and exams

The request for an excused absence must come from the student. Other email communications are helpful, but the students must take ownership and communicate with the professor as well.

The professor reserves the right to approve or deny any request for an excused absence based on the available information. Under some circumstances, the professor may not mark a person absent. This would be done at the discretion of the professor.

Just remember: Any applicable attendance points cannot be made up. You make choices. You live with the consequences. Also, any student not participating regularly may be administratively withdrawn from the course.