Electronic Communication

There are two electronic communication platforms I use that are not part of the institutional offerings. First, I will use Twitter (@toddvogts) to post course announcements and communications on occasion, sometimes using a hashtag comprised of the course number for this class. You can communicate with me in this fashion, especially using the direct-message functionality. This account may also be used as part of class-wide exercises and assignments when necessary. Second, my website (www.toddvogts.com) exists as a resource for you. It has my semester schedule, copies of all my syllabi (in their most up-to-date format), various resources and materials, a form to schedule a meeting with me, and much more. Different assignments may reference files on this site, so be aware that it exists and contains information pertinent to my courses. 

The institutionally provided Learning Management System (LMS) will be used for assignments, projects, exams, and other coursework. Also, announcements may be posted on the LMS from time to time. Be sure to check the LMS often. You are encouraged to use the messaging function within the LMS to contact me as well.

Obviously, I also use my institutional email account. I make a concerted effort to read and respond to e-mail within 24 hours of receiving your message. You also may contact me via any other electronic or social media profile that I have specifically shared with you, but do not expect, necessarily, to receive a response unless it is through the institutional e-mail or a Twitter direct message (unless otherwise specified).