Teaching Methodology

We are a community of risk-takers living in a pluralistic society1 — a teaching methodology and philosophy that I use to build a mindful, respectful, critical, and daring classroom climate. My teaching methods include lectures, in-class discussions, individual and group activities, writing assignments, media presentations, and student speeches. At times, we may encounter sensitive material, including cultural or political ideas, language, and concepts that may be uncomfortable for some. My suggestion is always to talk to me first about what is making you uncomfortable so that together we can work through the challenges you may face with mindful dialogue. This is due to my use of a constructionist2 lens of teaching and learning, which views knowledge as socially constructed through interactions with others and various media in given contexts by connecting, expressing, and reshaping ideas as they relate to individual experiences. As such, my approach consists of first consuming knowledge (ex: reading and listening), then implementing knowledge via practical application (ex: learning by doing by producing content), and following that with evaluation and refinement (ex: producing and ingesting feedback). This is an iterative process, so the work of teaching and learning is never “finished” but in various stages of progress toward a constantly evolving idealized state. Though it may not sound like it, we can accomplish this goal in exciting and interactive ways. I like to have a good time, so I invite fun, laughter, and humor into the classroom in a variety of ways, all the while adopting a critical approach to the curriculum that is sensitive to and appreciative of our various identities.