Virtual Office and Meeting with Me

In order to facilitate one-on-one meetings virtually, I will be using Zoom. This video conferencing service allows me to send you a link to a “room” where you and I (or multiple people) can talk face-to-face. I will not be just sitting in an empty Zoom “room” all day, though. 

Instead, you need to make an appointment with me. You can do so by following this link:

Once an appointment is confirmed, I will email you the Zoom link. I should get a notification about any appointments that are made, so, hopefully, I will respond quickly with the link. Just keep in mind that you need to book an appointment a day in advance so I can block out time to talk to you without interruption. 

This is being offered as an option. Meeting with me this way is not required if you don’t want or need to.

And even if you want to meet with me in person, I recommend using the link above to make an appointment.