Interesting Journalism Videos Found On YouTube (part 1)

Periodically I am going to try to share some of the journalism videos I stumble across on the Internet’s YouTube video sharing network. Of course, if you find one that I would also find interesting, let me know.

The Journalism Of Old

From this video I learned a few things.

One: Fires are the most exciting events and happenings reporters look forward to. Forget about homicides and serial kills or election fraud and politicians doing perverse things. Who cares if a president had sex with an intern? The burger joint is on fire and the entire block is in danger of being without fried beef.

Two: Women can’t compete with males in the reporting arena. If the story doesn’t involve food, dancing or place settings, it is no story for a female. Right, Hillary? Right, Palin?

Three: I work for a “country” paper.

Four: “If you don’t like to write, you won’t be happy in journalism.” What!?

Citizen Journalism

This is an interesting definition of what citizen journalism is and how some media giants and other public officials and persons should not discredit bloggers, even if the audio and video don’t line up quite right when playing.

One of the guys in the video even says politicians should “be afraid of bloggers.”

I partially agree. Bloggers should be considered as carrying as big of an impact as a newspaper reporter.

Funny Newspaper Commercial

This is just funny.

It’s a good way to end the post, and it illustrates the importance of newspapers to guys like me, although I think I would have handled the situation a lot differently.

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