KPA Fair Work Yields Fun Time, Rubber Fetus

Yesterday I volunteered at the Kansas Press Association’s booth at the Kansas State Fair.

I worked with Cort Anderson, who is the KPA technology consultant and owns Identis.

He and I had fun at the booth as we allowed students to use specially crafted polling stations and “vote” for the next president while we handed out pens and magnetic clips.

Of course, it was more fun to people-watch.

We saw a lady that looked like “Jabba The Hut” and talked to grade-school students who told us that if Obama was elected he was going to bring his Iraqi friends over and kill everyone.


I Twittered all day, so you can read my frequent updates by going to

The best part of the day, though, was spending the majority of the evening at the beer garden.

When we weren’t sucking down Kansas-brewed nectar by the 24-ounce glass, we walked through a few of the buildings.

That’s when I found this:

I picked this up at an anti-abortion booth during the 2008 Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson. In the picture, it is leaning against my laptop. I named it Kyle. Isn’t this weird?

I still can’t believe they were handing these out.

It’s so creepy . . . I had to pick it up.

You know you would have too.

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