Vogts takes job at Sterling College

The Art Center is home to the art and design department and communication and media courses.

As of Monday night’s Sterling Unified School District No. 376 Board of Education meeting, I have officially resigned from Sterling High School, effective at the end of this school year.

However, I’m not leaving the Sterling community. They can’t get rid of me that easily.

Starting this fall, I will be an assistant professor at Sterling College, where I will be teaching journalism, media, and communication courses.

At this time, I don’t know what courses I specifically will be teaching, but I am beyond excited about the opportunities and new challenges facing me.

I will get to work with a couple of great guys in the communication and media department at Sterling College. With any luck, I will get to even help with the online home of Sterling College media — https://mysctv.com/. The possibilities for what I will be doing are rather endless as the program has embarked on a great track. The future is bright, and I am excited to get started and be part of the building of a stellar program.

Of course, as excited as I am, this is a sad time as well. My six years as a Black Bear have been incredibly rewarding. I have been given opportunities I could have never imagined, and I have seen my journalism students succeed in ways they didn’t think was possible, which is truly satisfying. I have also loved working with the people of Sterling. The educators in the district are truly some of the best in the field, and I have valued the chance to serve the students alongside them.

I look forward to new the opportunities I will be experiencing, and I look forward to helping the journalism program at Sterling High School in any way I can from my new position. In fact, there are discussions taking place that would allow me to teach full time at Sterling College and still teach the magazine and yearbook classes at the high school. This is ideal to me, especially since the Sterling Student Publications are doing so well by coming off a second place finish in 3A State Journalism. This would also allow me to continue to serve on the Kansas Scholastic Press Association Board of Directors serving as the Area 1 Representative. I am hopeful this all works out, and, if it does, I also think it could benefit the Sterling College program in numerous ways as well.

Regardless, though, I truly appreciate all the high school has done for me, and I can only hope I have left my part of it a little better than when I got here. After all, what more can one hope to do?

As I have mentioned before, I started pursuing my second master’s degree with the intention of working in higher education. Now, after completing that degree, I am able to achieve this goal in my career, which I owe to the tremendously impactful professors and instructors I had during my undergraduate work. I merely hope I can have the same influence upon students as they did upon me.

It feels good to be Warrior, and I’m looking forward to making myself at home in the Sterling College Art Center, which is where the bulk of my department’s classes (and, most likely, my office) are housed.

Wish me luck, and stay tune for more information about exactly what I will be doing at Sterling College.

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Todd R. Vogts, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of media at Sterling College in Kansas. Previously, he taught yearbook, newspaper, newsmagazine, and online journalism in various Kansas high schools, and he ran a weekly newspaper in rural Kansas. He continues to freelance as a professional journalist from time to time. Also, Vogts is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), the Journalism Education Association (JEA), and the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), among others. He earned his Master Journalism Educator (MJE) certification from JEA in 2022. When he’s not teaching or writing, he runs his mobile disk jockey service and takes part in other entrepreneurial ventures. He can be reached at twitter.com/toddvogts or via his website at www.toddvogts.com.