Teaching online film studies class at WSU

On Monday, I will be taking another step toward by goal of teaching full-time at the college level.

With the start of the fall semester at Wichita State University, I will officially be an adjunct professor with WSU’s Elliott School of Communication. I am teaching an online section of Introduction to Film Studies.

I will be using the Blackboard learning management system. I’ve become more familiar with Canvas of late, thanks to my own online education as part of my graduate work. However, I’ve used Blackboard before. This will be the first time I will have the opportunity to utilize it in the role of teacher, and I’m looking forward to tackling the challenge. I’m technology person, after all.

The online framework of Blackboard will allow me to conduct the class entirely online. Students will be able to log in from anywhere at any time and complete the assignments. The assignments largely revolve around the watching of specific films, reading chapters out of the textbook, taking part in discussion boards, and writing a couple papers.

I can’t adequately express how excited I am for this opportunity. As I’ve said, my dream is to teach at the college level. The inspiration for this is a result of the great faculty I had at WSU when I was an undergraduate students (many of them are still there, so that makes this opportunity even more incredible). My instructors at Hutchinson Community College also contributed.

It’s going to be a great semester, and I hope it goes well enough that I get to continue with this class next semester as well. More importantly, though, I hope I make my former teachers proud as I embark upon this journey into higher education.

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