Vogts takes position on WSU Pub Board

The other day, I received a packet in the mail. It contained several copies of the Wichita State University student newspaper, The Sunflower.

As you probably know, I am a graduate of WSU, and I worked on The Sunflower during my time at WSU. I was the webmaster and the editor-in-chief.

But I’m not receiving copies of paper simply because I am alumnus. I am now a member of the WSU Student Publications Board, which is the governing body that helps provide guidance to The Sunflower.

It consists of several voting and non-voting members made up of community, professional, university and student representatives.

The voting members make decisions that help shape the future of The Sunflower, including hiring the editor-in-chief and the advertising manager.

I am a voting member, and I attended my first meeting on Oct. 11.

It was a fun experience to see how everything works from the other side. It excited me to hear some of the ideas that were volleyed about. Some big and forward-thinking projects are on the horizon.

Overall, it thrilled me to be a part of the group. WSU gave me so much, and I jumped at the opportunity to give back to the place I will always consider my university.

I already am looking forward to the next meeting. It should take place in the opening weeks of the second semester.

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