Cort Anderson publishes magazine article

Cort Anderson

My good friend Cort Anderson, of Belle Plaine, has done something pretty cool.

He got an article published in a professional photography magazine!

The magazine is called Photo Technique, and here is a link directly to his article, though the entire piece is not available online:

Anderson is a professional photographer and journalist. He “studied photojournalism at Kansas State University and went on to work for newspapers and a wire service. Cort is the owner of Oypx, LLC, providing graphics software and digital black and white training for photographers. He offers guided trips for photographers in rural areas and along parts of Route 66,” according to his bio on

His article gave readers “Nine Steps To Better Digital Black And White” photographs. It is a great read with very helpful tips.

This is a huge accomplishment. I’m very proud to call Anderson my friend. (I also call him my adopted dad, but that’s because someone once mistook him for my dad while we were taking in the Kansas State Fair one year; however, that is a post for a different day.)

Below is a scan of the first page of his article. If you want to purchase a copy of the November/December 2011 issue that Anderson’s article is in or if you want to subscribe to the magazine, visit this link for more information:

This is the first page of Cort Anderson's article in the November/December 2011 issue of Photo Technique.
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