Vogts become member of SAL, ALR

Friday the country celebrated Veterans’ Day. This is an important day because so many have given so much for the freedoms we enjoy today.

I celebrated as well by taking part in a Veterans’ Day Ceremony at the school I work at. There were speeches, slideshows and flag demonstrations, among other events that honored our troops from both the past and present, the living and the dead.

This day of reflection about the sacrifices of our military heroes got me thinking.

I never shared a bit of patriotic news I have.

This past summer I joined the Sons of the American Legion and the American Legion Riders. I am a member of the Canton SAL Chapter, and I am a member of the Bazine ALR Chapter.

The SAL is the organization for descendants of veterans. I was able to join because my grandfathers Roland Vogts and Jim Wiederstein both served in the United State Army. Grandpa Vogts served during World War II, and Grandpa Wiederstein served during the Korean War.

Because I was an SAL member, I was able to join the ALR,which is an organization for Legion members at all levels who are also motorcycle enthusiasts.

I am proud to be a member of these organizations because they honor all veterans, but it is extra special for me since my grandfathers both served. I feel like I am honoring them every time I put on my vest and go to a meeting.

Below are pictures of the patches on my leather vest.

These are the patches are on the front of my vest.
This is the patch on the back of my vest.
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