‘Oral Sex’ definition causes stir

I thought people in California were hippies. You know, those free-spirited, liberal people who don’t have a care in the world, but maybe I’m wrong.

Those California hippies are starting to show quite a few conservative fibers in their beings.

In southern California’s Menifee Union School District, according to The Guardian, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is being yanked from the shelves because parent’s are worried their children looking up the phrase “oral sex,” which is defined as “oral stimulation of the genitals.”

You’ve got to be kidding me. Sure, reading the definition makes me giggle a little because of the terms that are used, but so what? It didn’t hurt me to read it, and it won’t hurt children to read it and be informed instead blindly waltzing into adolescence without being aware of things they are sure to hear of as they get older.

It is a dictionary after all. Who gives a hoot if “oral sex” is in there? It isn’t something that is make-believe, is it? No. It’s real, and if these kids have the gumption to look up a word they probably heard their older siblings say, then these parents should be proud, not horrified, that their kids are smart enough to grab a dictionary and find an answer for themselves.

Besides, if they are going to ban the dictionary, what about the encyclopedia? I remember looking up sex-related terms in the encyclopedia when I was a tyke. I turned out just fine, and I didn’t need some lunatic parents coming to my “rescue” and getting the books banned from the shelves.

These stupid California people need to chill out. This isn’t Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451.”

And if you think about it, these people should just be thankful they looked up “oral sex” in the dictionary and not at an online site such as www.urbandictionary.com. Go there and look up “oral sex.” Then tell me which is worse: Merriam-Webster or UrbanDictionary.com?

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