Vogts’ Christmas tree still standing

My Christmas tree is still up . . . even though January is almost over.

In the mornings while driving my bus route with a maroon suburban, I listen to 104.7 KISS FM because I really enjoy the morning show, which is The Ace and TJ Show. They are hilarious.

Between picking up students, getting the suburban buried in a muddy driveway to the point I had to be rescued and finally getting the students to their elementary school destination, I heard Ace and TJ talking about how Ace had finally taken his Christmas tree down (they had even been running a poll about it).

That got me to thinking about the house I live in . . .

I know it is sad since it is well past the middle of January, but the Christmas tree in mine and roommate Travis Schafer’s home is still standing.

Don’t blame Travis, though. It is my fault. I put it up. I need to take it down.

I’m shooting to have it down my St. Patrick’s Day.

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