Remember Safety While Exercising Along Area Roadways

While driving out of town one afternoon last week, I witnessed something that was worrisome.

Several youth clad in what appeared to be Moundridge High School track suits were jogging down the side of the road.

At the surface this isn’t a horrible occurrence; however, the young athletes were running with the flow of traffic.

This is a dangerous proposition seeing as the rules of the road dictate that persons walking or jogging along the roadway should perform their activity along the side of the road while going against the flow of traffic.

By doing so, those operating motor vehicles can clearly see those exercising, which helps prevent any accident.

Safety should be of chief concern when the community’s youth are practicing their athletics, so please help keep them safe by reminding them to always go against the flow of traffic when excising along roadways.

Of course, this advice isn’t just for teens. It is applicable to anyone of any age who utilizes the roadways as a place to exercise.

Let this serve as a reminder to everyone that safety is important.

As the temperatures of spring and summer begin settling in, outdoor exercising will undoubtedly increase, so be careful as you partake and help keep everyone safe.

Likewise, if you are walking or jogging in the early morning hours, please remember to wear clothing that is light in color or reflective to allow morning commuters see you and help prevent any accidents in the neighborhoods as well.

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