Valentine’s Day Should Be Celebrated All Year Long

So it’s over.

One of the most ridiculous holidays we as a people celebrate is over.

Valentine’s Day 2009 has come and gone, and I couldn’t be more relieved.

This isn’t coming from a bitter single person either because I’m not bitter. In fact, I rather enjoyed saving some cash this year since college loan payments continue to come due each month.

I just don’t see why those in a relationship have to use Valentine’s Day as a crutch to express themselves to their significant other.

Why can’t this be done more often and not centered on a holiday florists and chocolate producers salivate over?

I’m not opposed to celebrating Valentine’s Day per se, but I simply refuse to accept the notion that February is the only time to go all out for your beau.

If you truly care for someone, shower them with affection when the urge strikes, even if that means simply taking your significant other out for a surprise lunch. Don’t wait for greeting card companies and jewelers to give the go-ahead by proclaiming another materialistic holiday.

See here’s the secret, you can buy chocolate and flowers and diamond pendants with matching ear rings all year long. You don’t have to wait for February.

Of course, when Valentine’s Day does roll around, I wouldn’t suggest ignoring it, but do something special to you and yours. Don’t buy into the commercialism and just go out to eat unless that is something you and your partner truly wish to do.

Perhaps attending a college basketball game or going skeet shooting is more in line with your interests. If so, do it and don’t look back.

I used to panic about Valentine’s Day, and I haven’t had that many years to deal with.

Finally, though, I simply stopped worrying.

I did what I felt was right, and as soon as I stopped obsessing over it, things went a lot smoother.

My main gripe with Valentine’s Day, though, is that it isn’t a two-way holiday.

Valentine’s Day is all about the lady in your life.

The commercials and advertising don’t have a call to action that involves the women rushing out to buy heart-shaped candies or diamonds.

The guys are expected to do this, which simply doesn’t seem fair.

Granted, some ladies do take care of their men, but in general Valentine’s Day is a woman’s holiday.

I guess that’s OK because guys have holidays such as the Super Bowl and the World Series, among others.

There is balance in the universe it that regard, but I just hope one day balance is also achieved in the timing of showing affection or caring.

Spread the wealth.

We have 365 days to choose from, so don’t just show your main amount of love in February.

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