Project members encounter animals, flight and stardom

GREENSBURG, Kan.–Now for the exciting news I promised in my previous post.

One of the other guys working on this project shot video of a fox defecating. It was enthralling footage.

Also, the same guy got to fly in a helicopter and shoot footage of Greensburg from the sky. I was, and still am, green with envy.

Finally, and really most seriously and importantly, the Discovery Channel is currently shooting a documentary in Greensburg for a reality TV program sponsored by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The show is supposed to be about building and living “green,” which Greensburg is doing so much that the town is making world-wide history.

This affects our project team because Ian Crane, the same guy that filmed the fox and got to ride in the helicopter, talked to the producer of the show, Mary Wallace. He explained what our team was doing, and now we might become a part of the documentary series that will begin airing in June on the new Planet Green channel.

Hollywood is calling, and you better believe we are going to jump at the chance to get national television exposure.

Check local listings to see us making our big TV debut.

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