Curley set to leave Washington Post

On Saturday, Rob Curley posted a blog on his site,, that said he is leaving The Washington Post for The Las Vegas Sun.

I had heard a rumor about this from a person I know that knows a guy that works with the Associated Press in Washington, D.C. I sat on it, waiting until I could verify it from another source. I shouldn’t have waited because now I am almost a week late in posting anything about.

That’s OK, though, because I am happy with his move. I love looking at The Sun’s site. It is wonderful.

The Post’s site was boring, and Curley simply could stretch his wings there. At The Sun, he will be able to once again push the limits of online journalism.

I am excited! Check The Sun’s site often. I know I will!

In his post, he said he is bringing a lot of his team with him, and that could mean great things for The Sun.

He even went as far as comparing Las Vegas to Lawrence, Kan., his favorite town and place he has told me he would like to go back to.

That is a huge deal! He is comparing his new home to one of the places he holds most dear.

My cousin lives in Las Vegas, and she is constantly suggesting I get a job there. Well, now that Curley is in town, maybe I will stop fighting her incessant urging.

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