An era nears its undeniable end

With every tick of the clock, the end nears with a silent certainty.

Graduation looms over my head, and I am stoked.

I’ve enjoyed my four years of collegiate education, but I am ready to be finished with my undergraduate degree.

I am ready to be able to tell people that, yes, I have a bachelor’s degree.

I am ready to begin earning money by doing the work that makes me happiest — writing and reporting about news events while creating engaging online packages of the coverage.

What will I do after I walk across the stage in Wichita State University’s Koch Arena on May 16?

I’m not sure yet.

Normally that would scare me to death, the not knowing that is.

However, I’m oddly confident something will work out.

I’m applying for both jobs and graduate schools, and the thought of entering law school is weighing heavily on my mind.

Through all of it, though, I know I will end up writing and creating Web sites. That’s what I want to do, so I won’t let anything get in the way of that.

I have a strong support system and several couches I can sleep on if I am in dire need of a place to stay during my quest of determining my future.

For example, by this time next week I’ll have slept on a couch for several days.

See, I have to be out of my apartment in Wichita by Wednesday, so a good friend of mine has promised to let me take up residence on her couch until the end of the school year.

She’s a gem, and I have my fingers crossed that her couch is nice and comfy.

Of course, I am going to miss my apartment.

After a year of calling it home, I have grown quite attached to it. I would be more than happy staying there, but I don’t know what the future holds. Therefore, signing any contractual agreement would not be in my best interest, even if I really like the place.

However, before I can fully tackle my future, I must first complete the present.

I have several final projects to complete, one of which includes a 10-page research paper and another that has to do with a legal battle I am fighting (I’ll write more about that in the future I’m sure).

It’s a busy time of year, and with such gorgeous weather nowadays, it is hard to stay focused on school when there are so many other, more exciting endeavors I could be dedicating myself to instead of thinly spreading myself across the array tasks hanging over my head.

Granted, having an incredible urge to watch baseball and cook food on an outdoor grill does get in the way of working on homework, but I see such activities as necessary.
Everyone deserves to relax, and I find watching baseball quite relaxing.

And, a man has to eat, so why shouldn’t my food be a flame-kissed and delicious slab of dead animal?

Nothing satiates hunger like steak or hotdogs.

I figure I need to enjoy these last few days, any way. After all, the end of my educational life is fast approaching, and I am getting ready to fully enter the professional realm.

I say, bring it on.

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