Watch your friends enjoy a sandwich while using the restroom in the ‘City’

Today, I did something I have never done before while in a public restaurant.

I relieved myself where others could have seen, effectively using my tinkling as entertainment while enjoying their lunches.

Now, they did not actually see me, but if the lighting in the restroom had been brighter, the one-way glass would not have worked. Then everyone would have seen me doing my best impression of a fountain.

This whole thing may not sound very believable, but then most of you probably have never dined in City Bites, a sandwich shop located at 21st and Woodlawn in the Brittany Center in Wichita.

Until attending Wichita State, I had never really experienced anything like this eatery, and maybe that was a good thing.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. This was not my first visit to City Bites. I had eaten there a few times before; however, this was my first time to actually use the restroom while there.

These restrooms consist of two stalls and a urinal. There is very low lighting, and there are two large windows facing out into the dining area located on one wall. One such window is part of the wall of one of the stalls.

People in the restaurant cannot see in, but people using the facilities can definitely keep an eye on everyone, including whatever person chose to sit at the table right next to the window.

And, ladies, remember it is the same for you . . . of course, I know this because I had a female friend tell me.

The restrooms alone make stopping in for a bite to eat worth while, but the décor of the eatery is definitely interesting as well.

Stepping through the doors feels like being transported into the pages of a comic book.

There are walls and pillars that look as though some large creature has punched holes or taken toothy bites out of them. There is even one wall that has a wrecking ball constantly swinging through it.

Also, part of one wall is designed to look like a tree, so patrons can sit below the always-green leaves and enjoy their subs.

Don’t forget the trash receptacles, though, because they resemble blue mailboxes such as those that can be found outside of any post office, and in one corner, a rhinoceros charges through the wall under a sign that warns customers not to feed the animals, such as the giant ants on the wall near the soda machines.

Of course, as I said, this is a restaurant, and the food is rather good.

The menu includes both hot and cold sub sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups and an impressive assortment of baked goods.

I do recommend eating there, but as soon as you get done ordering your choice of sandwich and cookie, you have to check out the restrooms.

Even if you don’t use them, you have to see them.

That’s how I started out. The first few times, I simply observed the bizarreness, and eventually I worked up to actually using the facilities.

If you know someone who has a shy bladder, maybe this restaurant would be a good way to help him or her overcome the shyness.

If not, it should at least prove for a good laugh.

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