Summer swings into high gear with golfing

I hate sitting inside these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an outdoors person, but I do love the sun. Therefore, whenever the weather is beautiful, it kills me to be stuck inside while in class or at work.

One way I like to try and be outside is by playing golf.

Now, my brother and my father are both quite good. However, this gene must have skipped me because I struggle a great deal, and at times I’m not sure I’m even good enough to carry someone else’s golf bag.

I still like to try, though. The only problem is I don’t have the drive to take the time out of my day and go hit the links unless I have one doozie of an excuse.

One of the best excuses I have come up with is a charitable one, and I happen to know of charity golf tourney coming up quite soon.

It is the 2nd Annual K.S.B. Memorial Golf Tournament, and it is taking place Saturday, June 16 in Hesston. 

This special event is being held in memory of Kevin Bruce, and all proceeds from the tournament will go toward the Bruce Children Educational Fund.

Entry only costs $80 per player, and it is set up in a four-person scramble format.

There will be prizes given away!

One such prize is a 2007 Kawasaki Classic motorcycle, which will be given to the player who wins the “Hole in One” contest by sinking one shot into the cup on the 8th green.

Also, there will be a 42-inch LCD HD-TV given away, and also up for grabs there will be tickets to the Texas versus K-State basketball game taking place during the upcoming season.

Of course, there is one other prize, but not everyone may think it is as cool as I do. It is a signed basketball from former K-State men’s hoops coach Bob Huggins.

Some may think the ball is worth nothing now that Huggins fled Cat Country, but I think it is going to be worth money. It is now a collector’s item because he will never again sign a ball as K-State’s coach.

If I were to win it, I would be happy. Can you say eBay?

Sadly, though, I will not be able to win the ball, or any of the prizes for that matter.

My brother and father may be able to win it because they are in the tournament, but I am not. Instead, I will be found taking pictures at the event.

I’m sure some of you out there are reading this and thinking, “Dang. I sure would like to get to try and win some of that cool gear.”

Well, if that is the case, there are still four of the available 36 spots open for teams to enter, so if you want to get in on all the action, contact Joe Koehn at 620-327-0464.

The tournament begins at 8 a.m. with a shotgun start. However, you probably won’t see me there that early.

I figure I’ll show up closer to noon so I can take advantage of the lunch being provided to all entrants.

After all, I may not be able to golf very well, but I can eat like it’s no one’s business.

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