A new direction

The past few days have been quite interesting due to a variety of reasons.

However, through all of the oddness, I have found a new direction in life – I want to be a lawyer.

Not just a regular lawyer, though. I want to be a media lawyer, specializing in media and First Amendment law.

This decision came upon me quite suddenly, but I have already begun looking at law schools. Right now my top pick is Washburn University’s law school, which is located in Topeka, Kan. They have sent me information, and I am going to follow up with a few questions next week.

 Also, I wanted to say I have officially taken over as editor in chief of The Sunflower at Wichita State University, Wichita, Kan. I am currently going through the hiring process, and I plan on beginning to produce actual news content very soon.

Right now, I must get some sleep because I have an 8 a.m. Spanish final tomorrow. Those darn language finals are always on the weekend . . .

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