First improvements made to house

Since I first moved into my new home in Sterling, Kansas, I have had sheets and towels hanging in front of my windows to serve as blinds and currents. Also, I haven’t had a screen door because the previous occupants or the wind while the house was vacant ripped the door from its hinges.

Well, that all changed recently.

My mother, father and brother all came over and helped get a few things taken care of.

I know have a screen door on the front of my house and blinds hung in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and my bedroom.

Slowly but surely the rest of my planned improvements will take place, but for now, here are pictures from this first round of fixes:

My dad, Steve, works on hanging my screen door.
Work on the screen door continues.
Dad begins working on hanging blinds in the living room.
Bathroom blinds go up.
Brother Troy trims the hedges in front of my house.
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