Drew Carey is a photog

Drew Carey, comedian, actor, producer and the host of CBS Television’s “The Price is Right,” has added a couple other jobs to his resume. For example, he is a journalist.

Specifically, he is a photojournalist, and he has been named to the national board of directors of the National Press Photographers Association.

According to the press release put out by the NPPA, Carey has been cutting his photography team by taking pictures at soccer games.

In fact, he is the owner of a major league soccer team, the Seattle Sounders FC.

The release said Carey is “a published sports photographer, having covered World Cup Soccer and the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team. In 2006 while photographing the World Cup for International Sports Images, he also hosted Drew Carey’s Sporting Adventures for the Travel Channel, and the show featured his efforts to become a sports photojournalist.”

I think this is pretty cool. I have always been a fan of Carey, especially “The Drew Carey Show,” and now I hope to become a fan of his photography.

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for his work. Of course, it will be tough to force myself to look at soccer pictures, unless they are of pictures of Elizabeth Lambert. Sure, she beat up another girl on the soccer field, but she is hot!

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