Happy birthday, Elvis

Elvis Presley

Many of you may or may not know this, but I’m a huge Elvis Presley fan. In my parents’ home, I have a wall of memorabilia dedicated to the man (this is stuff I will place in my own home once I purchase one), and on several occasions I dressed up in a home-made sequined jumpsuit for Halloween to pay homage to the King of Rock and Roll.

Today would have been Elvis’s 75th birthday, had he not died Aug. 16, 1977. On Jan. 8, 1935, he was born in Tupelo, Miss., and at the age of 13 he moved to Memphis.

He served in the army, and starred in many movies, one of my favorites being “Roustabout.”

He was a cultural icon who changed music, and he was a sex symbol known for his gyrating hips.

He was the man, and I just wish I could have been alive to see him in concert.

When I was in elementary school, I remember taking treats to my classmates in honor of his birthday. That’s a fact, and if you don’t believe me, just ask my mom.

However, I didn’t bring any treats today, but I’m still celebrating on the inside.

In honor of Elvis, here is my favorite song of his: “Jail House Rock”

Elvis was a great person who did great things and helped shaped my music tastes, which I’m greatful for. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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