Newlyweds have sex life Twittered

The Washington Post has reported that one United Kingdom man is being a little cheeky with his friends who just got married.

The man, who is remaining anonymous, was the best man in a friend’s wedding. He was told not to pull any pranks before or during the wedding, but his newly wed friend didn’t say anything about after the wedding.

So, he rigged the new couple’s bed with a pressure sensor that sends out a Twitter update every time the newlyweds get on the bed and have sex.

With each update is a “frenzy index” that rates the sex that was had by the amount of force exerted on the pressure-sensitive pad concealed under the mattress.

The Twitter stream can be found at

Just as the best man is remaining anonymous, the couple being monitored is also anonymous, but the best man did post a tweet on Dec. 8 that said the following: “I figure I’ll tell my mate in due course that he’s had an audience.”

This is hilarious. It might be fake, but it is hilarious.

I wish I would have thought of this as a prank to pull on someone.

And apparently you can set up a similar system to tweet every time someone farts in his or her office chair. Learn more about that here.

The fun and power of social media services such as Twitter never cease to amaze me.

Thanks to Kristin Mehler for posting this story on Twitter and bringing it to my attention.

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