Turner Gill to be KU football head coach

Since Mark Mangino resigned as the University of Kansas head football coach after coming under fire for allegedly poking a senior linebacker Artist Wright in the chest and being verbally abusive to his players, the big question has been who would replace him.

KUSports.com has confirmed a Rivals.com story that has Turner Gill, 47, being offered the Jayhawk football job. Gill coached the Bulls at the University at Buffalo from 2006-09.

KUSports.com said “Gill has multiple ties to both the Big 12 and KU. He is a former quarterback at Nebraska, and two years ago was a finalist for the Huskers’ head coaching job that eventually went to Bo Pelini. Gill’s daughter, Jordan, is a sophomore at KU and recently began a job in the school’s athletic department.”

Gill’s best year as a Bull came when he led the team to a “2008 MAC championship and their first bowl game in half a century,” the KUSports.com article said.

Gill is expected to accept the job within the week.

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