Remembering to-do list just got easier

Last night I had a moment of clarity wash over me.

In retrospect, it seems so easy, and I honestly feel a little dumb for not thinking of it before.

It began with me sitting in my recliner working on a marketing project for a client. As I finished my work for the evening, I tuned the television to “King of the Hill” and a sick feeling closed in around me.

I forgot something I needed to do, and I think it might have been important, I thought to myself.

I hate when this happens, so I spent the next 30 minutes frantically searching the catacombs of my mind to find the piece of information that slipped from the forefront of my thoughts.

I missed all of “King of the Hill” even though I was in front of the screen, and I still couldn’t remember what I was forgetting.

Then an idea struck me.

I’m incredibly attached to my BlackBerry smartphone, even if the phone and I are admittedly having difficulties right now.

The BlackBerry device has a plethora of pre-installed programs that are geared to help keep you organized, such as the calendar and the address book that I use on a daily basis. However, most of the programs just aren’t conducive to my life. I find it to be a cumbersome task to get “MemoPad,” “Tasks” or “Voice Notes Recorder” data from my BlackBerry and onto my computer in a form that I can easily use.

Of course, I could use my “Documents To Go,” but that isn’t geared toward quick organizational tasks. It is more for creating longer forms of communications.

So, as my thought process plodded along, I realized I had two more programs at my disposal that I was overlooking – text messages and e-mails.

Text messages wouldn’t work well, though, because there were length limits. E-mail, however, would work fine, and I have two e-mail addresses coming to BlackBerry.

Of course! I could send myself an e-mail every night with a list of things I needed to do the following day. I could start writing this e-mail each morning and keep adding to it until I went to bed, at which time I would simply click the send button.

The next morning when I fired up my laptop, the e-mail with my to-do list would be waiting for me, and I wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting anything.

So last night I created an e-mail and sent it to myself.

This morning I had my to-do list waiting in my Inbox.

It worked rather well, and to further the organizational ability of the e-mail, I printed it and added items to the bottom of the list with my handy-dandy ink pen.

Now, as I end the end of the workday, I don’t necessarily feel like I got an incredible amount of work done, but I feel more confident that I’m not forgetting something, except for that thing I forgot last night. The darn thing is still eluding me.

I will still continue to use other forms of to-do lists in addition to my new e-mailing scheme. For example, I also have a Google Tasks list going that I can see whenever I am at my computer, which is constantly.

And I will send myself a quick text or even use one of BlackBerry’s pre-installed programs, but I feel using the e-mail list as the common place for all to-do items to meet will serve me the best.

How do you stay organized? Is there another method I could use that would serve me even better?

If so, let me know. Until then, I’m just going to cross my fingers that I don’t loss my phone because if I do my plan would be shot, and I would probably go through withdrawal-like symptoms of not being able to use Twitter from my BlackBerry. It would be an ugly site that no one wants to see. Trust me.

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  1. I use the calender from outlook. When I need to call somebody 4or 5 days from now I just plug it in. The calender is synced right to my phone. This is just like having a secertary remind you. Works well for me.

    • Dustin,

      Thanks for the suggestion. That application looks pretty sweet. As soon as I get a BlackBerry other than this Pearl I will probably use it. Sadly, though, Evernote doesn’t appear to work for Pearls.

      • No problem. You can also try RTM it is text based so there is no app to get. You send who what when and where via your special email they give you and you set up when you want to get reminded an hour/day/etc before the actual task is due. Plus if you use igoogle on a desktop they have an app you can use to add/delete tasks.



        RTM Tutorial

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