Washington City Paper reenacts WaPo boxing match

On Tuesday I posted a blog titled “ WaPo staffers duke it out over article.”

It seems last Friday the Style section became a Golden Gloves hotspot when feature editor Henry Allen punched feature writer Manuel Roig-Franzi. The fracas came about because Allen disliked a story Roig-Franzi had worked on, and Allen voiced his opinion of the piece, which was a charticle. Hearing Allen’s criticism, Roig-Franzi called him “a cocksucker.”

Washingtonian.com and Washington City Paper both reported it.

I thought it was interesting because at least the two journalists were still passionate enough about their craft to defend their opinions. Of course, I also found it amusing that a fight broke out in the news room.

I imagined it in my mind over and over, but now I no longer have to.

Washington City Paper reenacted the fight, and the video they made is hilarious.

So if you want to know more about the fight itself and my thoughts and opinions of it, click here, but if you want to just have a little chuckle at a funny fighting spoof, watch the video below:

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