Moundridge Chamber Finally Heading In The Right Direction

During the May meeting of the Moundridge Chamber of Commerce, little was accomplished but hand wringing. The organization was taking on debt like the Titanic took on water moments before it plunged to the bottom of the ocean.

The picture of that debt was painted even cleared during the July meeting, when Treasurer Keith Goering reported a bank balance of $190.91 and bills needing to be paid totaling $973.79.

During that meeting, no solution was found, though the general consensus of the Chamber Board and other members was that something had to be done. Less hand wringing took place, but no action was taken.

Luckily, that seems to be changing, thanks to actions of the members since the last meeting.

Finally the Moundridge Chamber of Commerce is no longer simply sitting on its hands.

Action is taking place.

Today a potato bar is being held to help raise funds to begin to make up the incredible budget deficits the organization is facing.

The fundraising event will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. today at the Moundridge Senior Center.

This is a huge step in the right direction in preserving the organization that helps the Moundridge community so much.

The Moundridge Chamber should be applauded for taking a proactive approach, even if it is coming a little later than preferred.

Everyone in Moundridge should turn out tonight to help this organization in its time of need.

After all, part of the reason it is facing money issues is because of its undying support of Moundridge.

Each year the chamber hosts many special events, including the Black Kettle Festival, the Children’s Fishing Derby, the Chamber Golf Tournament, the Christmas Open House and Christmas Lighting Contest and the citywide garage sales and the Moundridge High School Community Cleanup Day.

Also, the chamber has been instrumental in promoting all Moundridge has to offer by developing a new city logo and branding slogan that says, “See the starts from here.” All of this has been parlayed into directional signage throughout town and a promotional, 24-page, full-color magazine that is being used as a recruitment tool in bringing more residents and businesses to the city.

Do all of these things individually represent the reason the chamber’s coffers have become so empty?

No. Not at all, but each one does carry a certain amount of expense, whether it is in promotion, hosting or merely support of the events.

Of course, the chamber used to have a surplus of funds stored in a Certificate of Deposit, but as Chamber President Rick Krehbiel said in an Aug. 3 letter, that CD was cashed in order to “donate the funds to support construction of the Cradle to Crayons daycare facility.”

The people of the City of Moundridge, just like all rural-Kansas towns, never flinch at helping a neighbor in need, so when a local, civic organization is in need of assistance, that unwavering support should persist.

Everyone needs to do their part in helping ensure the continued, community-orientated work the chamber does.

At the very least, people need to go to the Senior Center tonight and enjoy a good meal and great fellowship under the umbrella of giving the chamber a helping hand.

Also, if you own a business in town or are an individual interested in working with the chamber to do all the great things the organization does, sign up and pay the dues.

Every penny counts, and although tonight’s potato bar is a step in the right direction, it isn’t going to solve the problem alone.

It is going to take continue perseverance to get the organization back on track, but by deciding to host this evening’s fundraiser, the chamber is showing it isn’t going to give up, which is wonderful to see.

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