Friend Waters Laundry On Clothesline

With 100-degree temperatures gripping central Kansas, keeping plants, shrubs, animals and everything else outside hydrated is important.

Of course, I would think such a philosophy would only apply to the living creatures, but in the mind of DaWayne Stos, of Newton, that’s not the case.

I live in Moundridge, and I have a clothesline to dry my recently washed garments. This is normal, but apparently DaWayne worries about my clothes getting too dry.

Periodically on his way home from work in McPherson, he stops by my house. If I’m not home, he does me a favor and waters my clothes hanging on the line.

What a friend, eh?

He’s done this on more than one occasion. The first time I didn’t even know because by the time I arrived home, the heat had dried the clothes back out.

Thursday night, though, I knew.

He left me a phone message saying how since I wasn’t home when he stopped by he was just going to start watering my clothes with my own garden hose until I called him back.

I called him back and left a message saying I was in Inman working and I appreciated him taking care of my clothes for me so they didn’t get too dry and die, and I told him he would know when he had watered them enough.

He did a bang up job and gave the thirsty shirts and jeans a nice long drink.

So much, in fact, that they all gain a little water weight.

Just ask my clothes line, which couldn’t bear the load.

Thanks for keeping my clothes watered, but I think I will was... on Twitpic

I came home and found my clothes lying in the grass, still attached to the line via the clothespins.

They are all getting re-washed today because I don’t care to have chiggers use my body as an all-you-can-eat buffet.

With friends like DaWayne, who needs enemies?

His wife, Britney, said I needed to learn my lesson and not leave my clothes on the line after they were dry.


She also said she wished she had a clothesline to hang her laundry out on because it would help save money.

Also, true, but trust me, Britney, you should be glad you two don’t have a clothesline right now because paybacks are a . . . well, you get the idea.

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