Mother’s Day Results In Home Improvements, Quality Time

On Sunday, father Steve get out the pressure washer and removed the paint from his and mother Karen’s house. He is planning on repainting the house white. Mother said she hopes to make the window frames red. Father is also planning to pour a large patio behind the house so mother can go in and out of the house by herself.

Sunday was a special day.

It was a chance to put all the focus on my mother, Karen, and we did just that.

Anything she wanted done happened.

She needed pictures printed at Wal-Mart, so I made father Steve give me some money and I used one of his vehicles that was full of gas to go print the pictures she wanted.

Brother Troy is going to be graduating from welding school soon, and we are going to be having a celebration at our house. Mom suggested how the house has been in need of a repainting for sometime and how great it would be to have it looking in tip-top shape in time for Troy’s party.

Troy promptly went and borrowed a pressure washer and dad attacked the house like Rambo, only instead of a machine gun he was armed with a really cool water gun.

Dad made lunch and we discussed getting mom a new planting barrel to fill with whatever greenery she chose. Also, a calendar was conferred with to attempt to determine a date to pour a large patio that will allow mom to go in and out of the house as she pleases even if no one else is home.

My mom is a very special to me, just as she is to dad and Troy.

We would do anything for her, and I like to think we treat most everyday as if it were Mother’s Day. We just use the official day to try and turn it up a notch.

For the evening, we had supper at Grandma Maxine’s house with the rest of the Vogts clan.

This was tricky, though, because Sunday was the night of several “season finales” on the television.

I wasn’t too particular about most of them except “The Amazing Race” and “The Unit.”

When 9 p.m. rolled around, dad and mom quickly went home to see “The Unit.”

I knew I had no chance of making it back to Moundridge from Canton in time, so I cracked open a couple of adult beverages for grandma and myself and we watched the show.

It was a good one, but it also gave grandma and me a chance to chat. It was nice.

I feel lucky to have such wonderful people in my life, and this year I feel especially lucky I got to see my mom for Mother’s Day because she, dad and Troy spent Friday stuck at home due to high waters flooding the area around them.

The water got so high that their mail box was completely underwater. It has never gotten that high, according to several witnesses to the flooding.

The house wasn’t damaged, and my brother made the most of it. After all, it isn’t every day he gets to swim in the lake, and with ditches as full as they were, why not swim on the roadway?

He definitely wasn’t going to get hit by a car. A boat maybe, but no cars.

Of course, that means they also missed the All Schools Day Parade on Friday, which is a county-wide holiday celebrating schools in the area.

I didn’t miss it. My brother probably has never missed an All Schools Day Parade until this year.

At least he got to swim and hang out at home.

The work was dirty, but if he hadn’t used the pressure washer, it would have taken forever. And scrapping it by hand would not have been very fun.

As he blasted the paint off my parents’ house, I couldn’t help but think dad looked like Rambo attacking the bad guy. The paint chips stuck all over him even reminded me of blood splatter from his fallen enemies.

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