New Tattoo Proclaims Journalism Beliefs


This is the tattoo I got today. It is on my left shoulder blade.

It is a scroll that says, “Comfort the Afflicted, Afflict the Comfortable.”

That is the motto I live by as a journalist.

The saying is a journalism slogan that means the media is supposed to take care of the masses by keeping a watchful eye on government and other people in power, and if those in power abuse their influence and control, it is the job of the media to help protect the masses by shining a light on the wrongdoing.

It symbolizes a watchdog mentality that acts as yet another check and balance in our world.

Regardless of how the newspaper industry is faring, I believe this is the true point of the work we journalists do, and that is why I believe there will always be some form of media, even if it isn’t a newspaper.

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  1. Great sentiments. A great story that is accurate and concise, and makes you think. Just like great journalism.

    I agree with your last graf. I think it’s a rather exciting time to be in journalism. The medium may change, but the role will not. And, deep down, most people realize the importance of that role.

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