Wind Of Change In Election Could Foreshadow New Direction In Kansas

It’s over. The United States of America has elected a new president.

The world now knows Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is the president-elect, slated to become the 44th president of the United States.

And according to numbers put forth by the Electoral College, he defeated Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) quite handily.

Some people are not happy with the results of this election, which has historically seen the first black man elected to the highest office in the country.

Primarily, the reason for the disappointed of some is that the candidate who won is not the one those unhappy people voted for.

I recognize the fact that some voters have strong disagreements with Obama’s beliefs and stances of sensitive topics.

I understand the thought that a politician is a politician, regardless of what he or she says.

I even begrudgingly acknowledge the sad truth that a hint of racism could be the driving force behind the sore feelings.

Even so, I don’t understand why these people are so unhappy.

The winner of the election shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone.

Obama was wildly popular, and his message of change reached an entire sect of people that are the typically most difficult to reach.

Before even winning the presidential race, Obama gave hope that the world could become an even better place, especially looking back at the previous eight years of failed policy and action brought forth by President George W. Bush.

This spoke to voters and that is why a dream of civil rights veterans and figures, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., has come true.

To be part of something so historic is an amazing and euphoric feeling, and it should be regardless of who you cast your ballot for.

Of course, I voted in Kansas; therefore, so my vote could have mattered very little.

If a Kansan isn’t voting for the Republican Party, he or she might as well crumple the ballot up into a ball and just throw it away.

Kansas goes Republican in almost every elected official vote, especially in the past several elections.

However, that could change in the coming years.

After all, Kansas currently has a Democratic governor in Kathleen Sebelius.

And the upcoming voters might be leaning toward the Democratic Party, which is what a Kansas nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization called “Kids Voting Kansas” determined.

According to a press release, “Kids Voting Kansas,” which is an affiliate of “Kids Voting USA”, had more than 45,000 Kansas students from grades kindergarten through 12th cast votes in the organization educational exercise.

Preliminary results show Obama winning with 24,013 votes compared to McCain’s 20,152 votes.

Final results are slated to be released Friday at

With such a voice coming from the youth of Kansas, should the state begin preparing for a wind of change?

Perhaps, but that story will be played out in the coming years.

For now, our country needs to come together and support our new leader, regardless of how individuals voted on Tuesday.

Though my voice is just another in the murmur of the masses, I wholeheartedly wish Obama luck.

I look forward to seeing how he utilizes his time in office.

It promises to be interesting regardless of how events unfold.

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