Ledger Landlord Hears Voices In The Night

The Ledger’s office is a unique place compared to other newspaper offices I have seen.

Of course, this uniqueness undoubtedly stems from the fact The Ledger is a weekly newspaper, but I digress.

The woman who owns the office building just came in and said she had to call the cops last night because she heard a strange noise coming from my office.

See, she lives above my office in an apartment, which there are several apartments above businesses here in downtown Moundridge, Kan.

Do you know what she was hearing?

It was my computer, which loudly announces the time every 15 minutes.

She called the cops because my computer was trying to tell her the time.

In fact, she said the cop was standing right next to my computer when it made one of its announcements.

She said it startled him greatly.

I’m probably lucky he didn’t whip out his gun and eternally silence my computer as punishment for scaring him.

Just kidding.

So anyway, she just came in and told me I had to either turn it off at night or just turn down the volume.

That’s fine, but was it worth wasting the police officer’s time?

Maybe. If she really thought sometime seedy was going on below her.

However, she often comes in asking about noises.

Sometimes it is asking if I have seen mice because she had been told by someone that the sound of mice scratching in the walls could be heard.

I’ve never seen or heard any evidence of mice, but even if I did, I wouldn’t bee too concerned. It is an older building, and I grew up on a farm.

Other times, though, she comes in to remind me to turn off the ceiling fan at night because the sound of the fan’s motor can be heard by her while she sleeps.


I just wonder what’s next.

Sometimes the office receives faxes in the middle of the night.

Am I going to have to start unplugging the fax machine at night?

Or, and I hate to even suggest it, what if the phone rings?

Maybe I should just give a copy of the office keys to the police department.

They might be coming here a lot at night.

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