Family Celebrates Father’s Birthday

Last Thursday meant my father was a year older.

He is now 52, and he can probably still defeat me in a physical contest.

Don’t tell him, though, because it would go straight to his head.

In any event, my mother, Karen, worked to get him the perfect gift.

I think she nailed it.

See, my family members, except for myself, are die-hard University of Nebraska Cornhusker fans.

My mother got football tickets to see the Huskers take on the Wildcats of Kansas State University in Manhattan this November.

When my dad opened the card and saw my mother’s hand-written note, he just looked at it.

Then he looked at her.

She asked to make sure he read it.

He said he had and asked how she got the tickets.

With a knowing smile, my mother just told him not to worry about it.

I think he is stoked to go to the game, and I’m pretty excited myself.

I will probably wear blue and red, while the rest of my family wears the colors of the Huskers.

Depending upon where we are sitting, it could be an interesting day.

After my father got over the shock of getting the tickets, we ate a supper of lasagna.

It was delicious.

As the meal wrapped up, I asked my father if he wanted my brother and I to administer his birthday spankings.

He shrugged and told me to do it and see what happens.

I decided it could wait.

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