Demo Derby Daze

A couple of weekends ago on July 20, my brother, Troy Vogts, and my cousin, Dale Westbrook, took part in the annual demolition derby at the McPherson County Fair.

Dale made it to the feature heat, and Troy placed just shy of earning a berth to the money round.

Dale can be seen here as he takes part in the demo.

My brother wasn’t very happy with his finish, and he immediately told my father that he was going to compete again . . . and soon.

Troy slams into another driver during the battle. He came up just short of winning his heat.

Well, both of them are going to be going at it again tomorrow.

On Sunday the duo will be entering the Harvey County Fair’s demolition derby in Newton, Kan.

Both are using the cars they had in the McPherson County derby.

Basically, they are just going to finish off the cars.

I, as their main monetary sponsor, hope they do well. I won’t see any of the prize money, but at least I would know my funding might have helped them achieve glory.

I will be in the crowd, camera blazing.

Wish them luck, and check back here for pictures.

I promise it won’t take as long as it did to post the above two.

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