Technology Grabs Society By The Keyboards

My name is Todd, and I have a problem. I am addicted to technology.

As I see it, society as a whole is addicted as well.

Large numbers of people normally clutching cellular telephones in their hands shows how far the disease has spread.

Personally, I have to take my cell phone with me everywhere, especially since I have a BlackBerry Pearl smart phone that allows me to constantly be on the Internet and check e-mail and social-networking Web site Facebook.

If I don’t have my hand-held, digital connection to the world, I get panicky, start sweating profusely, start shaking uncontrollably, and teeter on the edge of unconsciousness.

I endure withdrawal-like symptoms when my cell phone and I become separated.

Some may not truly believe I am so addicted to a tiny, electronic device, but I take my cell phone with me everywhere, even to the restroom.

That is why I am addicted to technology. I love it because you can do anything anywhere; even have a business call in an unconventional office.

My love, and subsequent addiction, does not end with cell phones. Instead, such objects are merely the beginning.

I also constantly use my laptop or desktop computer. If I am not out and about doing something, I am on the computer either surfing the Internet or performing other tasks such as writing, blogging, Web site designing or digital photo editing.

Some may say I waste my time being on a computer so much, but think about the world in which we live.

Elementary school students now own and operate personal cell phones and computers.
Parents buy their children such tools out of necessity.

Cell phones help the parents keep in constant contact with their children, and the computers facilitate the accomplishing of required tasks.

The parents need to use their computers for work, and the children need computers to do homework. Both groups of users cannot be on the machine at the same time, so all parties involved require their own computers.

Schools across the country now assign more electronic-based home assignments. In fact, many schools even provide the students with laptops.

Business and commerce now center on technology. Business deals can be made by simply sending the other person an e-mail or text message.

Since I turned 18 years old, I have worked as the Webmaster for various news and business Web sites, so my life basically revolves around the Internet and technology.

In fact, it has become such an ingrained part of my world that I probably could not function properly without being able to utilize it.

It makes sense why so many people in society suffer from, or in my case enjoy, being addicted to technology.

We live in an on-demand world.

As a whole, we have become accustomed to having what we want immediately.

The only time technology adversely affects my life is when it fails.

It seems I am constantly fighting many technology problems stemming from issues with the Web sites of which I maintain.

After weeks of stress, things eventually settle down, but more changes are almost always on the horizon.

Some would find this frustrating, but to me it exemplifies the beauty of technology — it constantly changes.

This is why technology fits me so well. Otherwise, I would get bored.

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