Why do I believe in journalism?

Editor’s Note: A few months back, a friend and I discussed why we believed in journalism. The following is what I believe.

I believe in the good journalism does, and I believe it to be a very patriotic endeavor.

After all, aren’t some of the most famous symbols of American culture journalists?

Just look at the well-known Superman, who is journalist Clark Kent when he’s not flying high above the earth and saving everyone from imminent disaster.

And that’s what journalism does every day. It keeps everyone and every entity in check and the public at large safe from various types of disasters. 

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  1. You know the only entity that journalism keeps in check, is the one they want to keep in check. Journalism is one of the most biased industries out there, they report what they want you to hear not everything about every story they cause essentially more problems than good. But thats my opinion take it for what its worth, NOT MUCH.

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