Wiffle Ball tourney helps The News bond together

In a perfect world, the reporters of news would always triumph over people who live lives dedicated to arguing. Clearly our world is not perfect.

This past week was a special time at Wichita State. The last two days of the week are Fall Break, in which all classes are canceled after midterms are completed.

Also, my surrogate home, the Elliott School of Communication, hosted its annual Communication Week. This celebration consisted of professional communicators giving presentations while students listened intently and hoped to win one of the various door prizes given away during the week.

However, none of that was as important to me as the annual Wiffle Ball tourney. This year, the battle for the traveling trophy took place on the last day of Comm Week due to Fall Break.

My team consisted of fellow Sunflower News employees. I had a personal stake in the tournament because I wanted to beat the Debate Team because I wanted to be able to hold the victory over the head of the debate coach, Dr. Jeff Jarman.

The Sunflower News defeated the student television station in the first round of play, and then it was time to take on Jarman’s squad.

The debaters got out to an early lead, but we had a formidable roster. We quickly tied the game and even took the lead for a time, but then Jarman took his turn at bat. He cranked out a double, which put him into scoring position. Then the next batter drove him home, and we at The News say victory float away.

It was a fair game, but all members of our team are very competitive. We wanted to win so badly.

Of course, it is a bit suspicious that Jarman not only played for a team but was also the commissioner of the tournament. I’m not making any accusations, but it is just an interesting bit of information to have.

My sour grapes are sweetened a bit by the fact that the Debate Team went on to face the Faculty Team in the championship and lost. All the older folks now get the trophy, which sucks, but at least Jarman’s team didn’t get all the bragging rights.

Besides, The Sunflower News went into the tourney with a very positive attitude — no matter the outcome, we resolved to celebrate the week and Fall Break.

This started at 2:30 p.m. during the closing reception of Comm Week, and it finished at my apartment almost 12 hours later.

It was a great time, and I feel the staff bonded over the entire event. I am sure these newly forged bonds will come in handy over the course of the rest of the year because there will be a time when we will all have to pull together to accomplish our publication’s goals, and that will be infinitely easier if we are all friends.

Bonding seems to be the theme at The Sunflower News recently.

Last week a group of us went to Boston to learn better design techniques, and next week yet another group of us will be in Washington D.C. for a conference sure to teach us new and innovative ways to perform our jobs as student journalists and prepare us for our futures in the real world of media.

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