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Single and alone

Well, Labor Day was an interesting day for me.

I woke up hung-over like I had never been before (thank you very much, wine), and then I get home and my girlfriend comes over and breaks up with me after two years and two months of dating.

She had her reasons — mainly she was ready to see other people. I won’t go into all the details of the conversation about the reasons because it simply doesn’t matter. All that matters at this point anyhow is the fact that I’m single, and it kind of sucks.

I am trying to be strong this time, though, because I am always the girl. I usually am the one who cries and whines and mopes around, but this time I am putting up a front and trying to seem as though it doesn’t bother me so very much.

That is an obvious farce, but it is my coping mechanism.

I know she is hurting some too, and I don’t like that. However, I feel there is little I can do about either of our pains at this early time after the dissolving of our relationship.


Writing is usually therapy for me, but this isn’t really helping. I know I have more thoughts to jot down that would probably be more coherent, but I can’t do it right now. I don’t have the drive, so maybe I’ll write more later . . .

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  1. Hey Man remember you are never alone and you can always do better.

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