Vogts not becoming an EMT

A while back, I posted on my Twitter feed I was considering taking an EMT course. I have reached a decision. I am not going to take the classes.

I really want to become an EMT, especially since I am a part of the Ransom Fire Department and feel EMT training would greatly benefit me.

However, I’m just too busy.

At Western Plains High School, I am now the head football coach, the assistant boys’ basketball coach, an assistant track coach, a bus driver and a journalism teacher.

The school board and superintendent at WPHS have been great to me. They have given me so many opportunities, and becoming a journalism teacher is one of my dreams, which is why I stopped working for the paper in Moundridge and moved to western Kansas.

This journalism program at WPHS is brand new. We’re going to have a monthly newspaper and a website that is updated at least weekly. Plus, I will be helping with the Prowler Yearbook.

The possibilities are quite endless, and I am looking forward to having some success in the journalism world with my students.

As I embark upon my journey into education, it also means more education for me. I am entering Fort Hays State University’s Transition To Teaching program, which is a way for professionals to earn their teaching degrees when they choose to leave the working world and enter academia. I’m taking the graduate track so I can earn my Master of Science Education degree. This way, I’m killing to birds with one stone — I’m entering teaching and getting my master’s degree.

See, my plate is getting pretty full, especially when you factor in my work as the owner and operator of Lucky Se7en Mobile DJ Services and have gigs almost every weekend.

Also, I am cranking up my efforts to become a professional author. I have some exciting news about that, but I am going to save that for another time. Stay tuned, though, because you don’t want to miss this. I’m stoked!

In any event, though, I really did want to become an EMT. I just just didn’t want to spread myself so thin my effectiveness in all the other tasks I have would be diminished.

I’ve got my fingers crossed I’ll find a class in the near future that will work better with my schedule. I want to help save lives as well as fight fires.

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