Memorial Day 2007

Another year, another round of playing taps for the Memorial Day ceremony in Canton, Kan.

Every year I get asked to play the somber tune, and every year I wait until the day before to practice. I should learn my lesson, but I don’t.

As for this year, it went okay. I could have done better since I missed three notes, but in my defense I decided to switch to a higher octave. Therefore, I was playing it in a fashion I had never played it before.

Hopefully by next year, I will have it down pat and maybe I’ll have even practiced some.

Speaking of my own personal will power, I have had people question why I agree to play taps every year even though I barely practice and wholly stress over the entire ordeal.

Well, that is simple. It makes my family, specifically my father and grandmother, proud. I will do it until I no longer can simply because of that reason.

Besides, my deceased grandfather was in the service, and I enjoy playing because it honors him, a man I miss more than I realize.

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