Business Education teaching test passed

In the world of education, you have to constantly be moving forward in order to keep up. Perhaps that means learning the latest and greatest teaching methods, diving in to new technologies, or taking college courses to not only improve your own knowledge but to also move yourself along the pay scale so you can earn just a little more money for your efforts.

Regardless of how an educator decides to do this, the goal is always to remain marketable and needed. Becoming obsolete is not an option.

I have earned my master’s degree, and that is a step in the right direction. However, my primary focus of late has been to pick up extra endorsements, which means I earn licenses to teach various courses.

Previously I have earned my English Language Literature Composition Content Knowledge endorsement, and I have earned my Speech Communication Content Knowledge endorsement.

These are on top of my primary endorsement of being a certified journalism teacher.

Well, now I have one more endorsement to add to the list: Business Education

This means I can now teach any business-related class, and I brings my list of endorsements to four.

I’m pretty proud of these accomplishments. The only question is, where do I go from here? Another college degree? More endorsements? Who knows . . .

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