Going…Going…Gone!: Grade school auctioned off

RANSOM — Western Plains Unified School District 106 now has of one less building under its command as of Oct. 29.

The grade school in Ransom, which includes the entire city block of land and the school structure, was auctioned off for $24,000.

Bryan McDaniel, of Ransom, bought it, and he said he purchased it in a partnership with another person.

“It was a spur of the moment deal,” McDaniel said jokingly

Actually, he said, it was a good price, and he and his partner were still discussing how to use the building.

Superintendent Roger Stumpf said he was glad it sold.

“It’s a huge burden off the district,” he said. “You always want more, but $24,000 is a good price. The biggest deal is we have someone who wants it.”

Also auctioned off were various items the district no longer needed.

“We were able to clear out so many nooks and crannies,” he said. “We’ll be more efficient. It gives us elbowroom in our buildings. We had a lot of stuff.”

Stumpf said there was more that could have been sold, though.

“We’ve still got stuff we didn’t get over here due to the time crunch,” he said.

Stumpf said proceeds from the auction will go toward playground equipment, books and technology.

“I’m thrilled with the overall auction,” he said. “We had good crowds. We had good bids.”

The good turnout was a relief to Stumpf, who said he worried about space being an issue since the auction was taking place in the school building.

USD 106 will have 30 days to clear out any and all items they still wish to keep. Then McDaniel will take ownership of the building.

Jim Wolters, of Wolters Auction and Realty, and Rich Fairbank, of Fairbank Auction, handled all the sales.

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