Man eats steak in every Kansas county


This is quite the feat, and I must say I am rather impressed with his dedication to being a carnivore.

Bill Bunyan, of Dodge City, recently ate a steak at Big Ed’s in Bird City, Kan. Normally this wouldn’t be anything noteworthy, but this steak finished of Bunyan’s self-imposed task of eating a steak in every county in Kansas.

So since he ate a steak in every county, that means he ate 105 steaks because there are 105 counties in Kansas. Like I said, that’s impressive.

Bunyan began his meat-filled quest in August 2003, so he obviously took his time to complete the task, probably so he could savor every succulent bite.

I’m jealous I hadn’t thought of something like this before. It seems so simple. I’m glad the Kansas Sampler Foundation published this story in The Rural Messenger. Otherwise I never would have even heard about it.

I need to do something like this. It will help break the monotony. I need to get out and enjoy life, which, I am a bit ashamed to admit, I haven’t been doing lately. I need to fix that.

So the big question is, what feat can I accomplish? Bunyan has already eaten a steak and a burger in every county. Plus he took a picture of every county courthouse. What’s left for me?

Well, I’ve got an idea, but I will need someone to drive me from town to town as I consumer my personal challenge . . . .

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