WPHS football to play again

(via insidesocal.com/tomhoffarth)

Friday the eligibility report was run once again at Western Plains High School in Ransom, Kan.

Last week the WPHS Bobcat football team had to forfeit the game because of too many people being ineligibility and a couple of injuries.

This week things are looking up, though.

The eligibility report had nearly everyone from the team back to being in good standing academically.

The Bobcats will be playing this Friday against the Otis-Bison High School Cougars in Otis, Kan.

Kick-off is slated for 7 p.m., and the Bobcats are relieved to get to tangle with a fellow feline.

I am personally ecstatic to get to have a game this week.

Since I’m in my first year as a head football coach and I’ve never forfeited a game in my life, last week was torture.

Hopefully the trouble for our season is behind us and we can get a few wins before the end of October.

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